Original Photography

Original Photography


about me

I'm a lifelong artist: writing, photography, drawing, and painting. I live in a little Dickensian village on the New Hampshire seacoast. I am originally from Wisconsin.

All of my art is themed around the overlooked, the stuff we ignore, don't see, and can't or won't consider. I've always been extremely observant of human behavior and my environment. I think I have a unique point of view and I love to share it.

my worx

The photographs in the gallery are the best representatives of my style. The majority are macros and abstracts, after that, moody interiors and streetscapes. I photograph people, but rarely as staged portraits. I have been published in many online and print literary journals.

I update the gallery here often, so stop back...


Email me at vixworx@gmail.com or find me on Instagram 'vixworx'.